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Data as copied from old site - scraped from artsipub maybe?
This table lay out makes info somewhat hard to find - may be worth putting each town in it's own state area?
Maybe a page for each town? Thoughts? Tate - SysAdmin 05:37, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Please remove listings here when they're added to the main page. Thanks! Ka7o 22:33, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

City Frequency PL Tone Call Notes Date Verified
Afton 146.97 KD7LVE Down - awaiting repairs
Alpine/Afton 146.61- 123 N7VGS Black Mountain Repeater site - erroneously listed in ARRL Repeater. Directory as being in west central Idaho
Alpine/Afton 145.50 100 Located near Bedford
Big Piney 146.88 KC7BJY
Cheyenne 145.235 114.8 N7GT Wide coverage repeater, open to all licensed hams. Linked to the 448.150 repeater.
Cheyenne 146.775 114.8 KC7SNO
Cheyenne 147.105 114.8 KC7SNO
Cheyenne 447.025
Cheyenne 147.165 114.8 Linked to 147.105
Cheyenne 447.225 114.8 N7QBQ Wide coverage repeater
Cheyenne 448.15 100 KC7CAJ Covers Cheyenne and the immediate area. Superb handheld coverage. Linked to 145.235 repeater.
Cheyenne 449.3 131.8 WU7G This repeater is located south of Cheyenne and covers the local Cheyenne area.
Cody 146.85 KI7W This repeater is continuously linked to the 146.610 repeater in Greybull and to the 444.65 repeater.
Cokeville 147.3
Douglas 147.15 KK7BA Presently being upgraded
Douglas 147.21
Douglas 149.91
Dubois 146.82
Evanston 145.33
Evanston 448.15
Evanston 449.325
Evanston 146.860 100 Linked to Intermountain system. Find more information at
Gillette 147.36 123 NE7W Open repeater, wide area coverage, auto-patch, ARES, linked to Newcastle 147.30. There are plans to connect to the Warren Peak repeater
Gillette 448 K7VU
Gillette 449.75 WR7CW IRLP NODE#3307 Open system
Green River 146.805 Down and not expected to be active for awhile. 2/12/08
Greybull 146.61 KE7MK This repeater is continuously linked to the 146.850 repeater in Cody and to the 444.65 repeater
Greybull 146.67 Currently down for repairs
Greybull 449.65
Jackson 146.73 123 W7TAR Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association. This repeater covers the central west part of Wyoming and eastern Idaho. This repeater also has direct 911 access. Just key up and enter 911 on your keypad, release the PTT and go from there. The TARRA repeater also has a quiet time from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Emergency traffic only during this time. The repeater system is monitored during the night in case someone does need emergency assistance.
Kemmerer 147.09
Kemmerer 147.39 100 Located at Dempsey Peak
Kemmerer 449.825
Labarge 146.88
Lander 145.445 KC7CJN Covers the Lander area well. North to Wind River Canyon, and south in the Wind River Mountains
Lander 147
Lander 449.8
Laramie 146.61 N7UW Located on the University of Wyoming Campus
Laramie 146.82
Laramie 447.1
Laramie 448.35
Laramie 449.075 WB7CJO
Laramie 449.1
Laramie 449.8
Laramie 449.9
Lincoln County 145.25 100 WZ7B Lincoln County RACES repeater. Okay for general use. Located on Salt River Pass.
Lusk 147.33
Marbleton 145.145 KC7BJY This repeater covers the Marbleton, Big Piney, Pinedale and Boulder areas really well. It has some coverage area on Hwy 189 and 191. Repeater is at 7000 feet elevation.
Newcastle 147.3 162.2 KE7NT Wide area coverage. Northeastern WY, western SD, into NE and MT
Pinedale 146.775 W7YP This repeater is on Mt Airy at 7700 feet
Pinedale 448.1 W7YP This repeater is on Mt Airy at 7700 feet
Rawlins 146.7
Rawlins 146.76
Rawlins 147.24
Rawlins 147.39
Rawlins 223.86 KD7SU May be the first repeater in 220 WY
Rawlins 447.975
Rawlins 449.4 KJ7AZ This repeater is linked to 146.530
Riverton 145.115 100 KD7MTE Open repeater. Linked to N7DMO's Echolink.
Riverton 145.325 110.9 KC7CJN Good coverage of the Fremont County region. Open for anyone to use. It is intended for Skywarn and emergency communication when needed.
Riverton 147.03
Riverton 147.3
Riverton 448.2
Riverton 449
Riverton 449.2
Rock Springs 146.61 100 N7ABC RACES/EOC Repeater. Wide area coverage - SW Wyoming, Rock Springs auto patch 2/12/08
Rock Springs 146.67 100 N7ABC Occasionally connected to EchoLink, occasionally linked to Intermountain Intertie Repeater System in Utah 2/12/08
Rock Springs 146.94 100 N7ABC Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club. Has been updated to an IRLP node # 3831 and EchoLink node #357388 2/12/08
Rock Springs 444.5 100 N7ABC 2/12/08
Sheridan 146.73 Down
Sheridan 449.70 100 W7GUX Linked to 146.82. Can be accessed via Echolink by connecting to W7RSJ-R. Located on Big Horn Mtn. Coverage area is roughly from Gillette(E), Buffalo(S), Colstrip/Ashland MT(N) and parts of the Big Horn Mntns(W)
Sheridan 146.82 100 W7GUX Sheridan Radio Amateur League. Wide coverage repeater. Linked to 449.70. Can be accessed via Echolink by connecting to W7RSJ-R
Sheridan 449.85 100 Down
Sundance 146.79 100 K0HP/7/R Wide coverage area. Located on Warren Peak outside of Sundance.
Torrington 146.73
Torrington 147.03
Wheatland 145.415 100 KD7QDM
Wheatland 146.88
Wheatland 449.775
Wright 146.985 WB7RDQ
Tate - SysAdmin 05:37, 8 March 2009 (UTC)