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Copy of what was on the old site:

Casper ARC Net (ARES Net) 145.235 8:00PM Sunday
Cheyenne Weather Net 147.105+ 6:45AM Days
Jackson Hole Area ARC Net 146.73 8:00PM Monday
Jackson ARES/RACES Net 146.910 pl 123-open 8:15PM Monday
Laramie Area Amateur Radio Net 146.01- 6:15PM Sunday
Teton ARC Net 146.910 pl 123-open 8:30PM Monday
Mountain States Net 3.715 7:45PM Daily
Salt River Radio Club Net 146.61- 9:00PM Tuesday
Sheridan ARES 146.82- 7:00PM Tuesday
Shy-WY ARC Sunday Morning Net 147.105+ 7:00AM Sunday
Green River Basin Net 146.61 7:00PM Sunday Wyoming ARES/RACES 3.9235, 7.26 8:30AM Sunday .pdf .pdf
QCWA Net 3.9235 8:00AM Saturday
Wyoming Cowboy Net 3.9235 5:45PM MTWTF
Wyoming Jackalope Net 7.26 12:15PM MTWTFS
Wyoming Pony Express 3.9235 8:00AM Sunday .pdf .pdf Excel
Twelfth Region Net 3.57 10:00PM Days
Twelfth Region Net 3.923, 7.233 4:15PM Days
Twelfth Region Net 3.57, 7.063 8:30PM Days
Twelfth Region Net 3.923, 7.233 7:00AM Days
NE Amateur Radio Association Net 147.360Mhz (PL123.0 Hz)/147.300Mhz (PL 162.2 Hz) 8:00PM Tuesday
Casper ARES Hercules Voice Link (statewide) 146.94- 7:00PM Sunday