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Wyoming Section of the ARRL

Wyoming Section of the ARRL
Section Manager

Rick Breininger, N1TEK of Green River

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Wyoming Section

This web site is dedicated to the Wyoming Section of the ARRL. We hope that you find this site useful and informative. Wyoming is part of the Rocky Mountain Division.

2018 Wyoming Ham of the Year

It is time to submit nominations for Ham of the Year.

Download this file and submit all nominations NLT August 15.



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Please consider joining the ARRL if you have not already. The ARRL is a strong organization and works diligently to promote and protect the rights of Amateurs.

Every ham should be a part of this organization.

I have heard some grumbling about the increased membership costs. The ARRL has tried to hold costs for years but like any corporation, their costs of doing business have gone up. ARRL membership is more than a QST subscription.

I found these on the ARRL FAQ:

Advocacy to maintain meaningful access to the radio spectrum. Representation on regulatory issues at the international, federal, and state levels.

Improved awareness for Amateur Radio by increasing our liaison with Capitol Hill.

Relentless defense of our spectrum from commercial interests and against spectrum pollution.

Response to Antenna Restrictions – Amateur Radio Parity Act, zoning regulations.

Recognition and partnership with several disaster relief organizations, including FEMA, the Red Cross, Salvation Army Team Emergency Response Network (SATERN) and others.

Public Relations, awareness of Amateur Radio in the media, and resources to promote the hobby and service.

Logbook of The World (LOTW) ®, the premier electronic QSO verification system.

Representation on national and international standards bodies.

Improved ARRL Lab test procedures and test equipment that contribute to unbiased product reviews and advances in Amateur Radio equipment performance.

Outreach to students and educational institutions through the Education and Technology Program, including the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program.

Searchable index and archive of all ARRL periodicals; access to a century of design, innovation and technical expertise.

ARRL on-air operating awards.

Free license renewal assistance.

Free e-newsletters, such as The ARRL Letter, and a free e-mail forwarding service (

Emergency Communications training courses to help you better serve your community.

Ham Aid program.

Volunteer opportunities to serve Amateur Radio through the ARRL Field Organization.

The next time you need to renew and think you don't want to spend that $49, look through this list.

Remember EVERYTHING the ARRL does for you and amateur radio!

Section Communications

Section News at the ARRL

On the ARRL web site, Wyoming Section News


Brian McNutt N7BAM is the State RACES Officer. You can contact him at

Bob Overton is the Section Emergency Coordinator. You can contact him at

ARES Connect is the official ARRL website for ARES registration and tracking of manhours.

Here is the link:

See the ARES/RACES page for the state E-COM plan and report forms.

Section Appointees

A note to All section appointees !!!!


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