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Wyoming ARES/RACES information

I had a meeting with Jim Archerd and Jim Frank this morning (5 Dec. 2013) at WOHS.I had a meeting with Jim Archerd and Jim Frank this morning (5 Dec. 2013) at WOHS. Item #1: State Winter Exercise - Because of all the requirements the state would have to meet to get credit for a Winter Exercise and not enough time to plan the exercise properly, we have decided to do a Winter Exercise in conjunction with next years SET. We will start the planning process after the New Year. This will probably be a rather large exercise involving the counties, Regional Response Teams and possibly other state and local government agencies and volunteer organizations. This in no way precludes ARES and RACES from participating in the Winter Field Day or any other local or county exercise.

Item #2: Quarterly Communication Tests - Starting in February we will have a quarterly communication test on the 4th Sunday of the 2nd month of each quarter. These are the scheduled dates: 23 February, 25 May, 24 August and 23 November 2014. County EOC participation is highly encouraged quarterly as well as Regional Response Team participation at least every other quarter. We will call the ARES/RACES net following the Pony Express net just like we usually do, but we will be doing it from the WOHS SOC station W7OHS. We would like as many Pactor connections as possible during and following the ARES/RACES net (Pactor Peer-to-Peer on 7.031 MHz). If you are unable to connect to W7OHS Peer-to-Peer, send a Pactor message to W7OHS through the WL2K Winlink system.

Steve J. Steven Cochrane W7JSC ARES SEC

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